iBin®WP – Directly linked workstation supply

Digitalisation is now starting to change production processes and the supply of materials. In the factory of the future, these conditions will continue to change fundamentally and will link modern IT technologies to classic production processes. Flexibility, efficient processes, maximum supply security, a targeted focus on the core business — lean C-Parts management is now an essential factor in the manufacturing industry.

The new iBin®WP heralds the industrial revolution in C-Parts management: Industry 4.0 - people at the heart of a connected system environment.

The basis for this is the

These combine to make the iBin®WP (Workplace) for a connected workstation. The aim is to link C-Parts management with direct workstation supply for automation. Regardless of whether the bin is located on the rack or on the production line, seamless supply of C-Parts is now guaranteed and automatic replenishment can be triggered at any time, regardless of the location.

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