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When joining or screwing sheets, conventional tapping screws can often cause the screws to over-tighten during assembly or the screws to fail, or the bolted joint to loosen itself after a certain time. This is far from process security. Use the innovative and patented SHEETITE® thread-rolling screw instead for the direct screwing of thin sheets with its increased safety against self-loosening, along with high load-bearing capacity and considerable reduction of installation effort. Compared to sheet metal screws, you can use thinner sheet metal thicknesses, which in addition to material costs can also significantly reduce weight.

How does the direct screwing of sheets work?

To connect the SHEETITE® screw is bolted directly to an overhead sheet with a through hole and a bottom pre-punched sheet.
The screw displaces material in the joining direction, which increases the screwing depth compared to the original sheet thickness. The screw shank assumes a roundish cross-section and thus significantly improves the load capacity.

The SHEETITE® is suitable for joining steel and aluminium (other metallic materials available on request) and does not require any additional securing elements such as washers, nuts or clips. Ideal for the production of sheet metal coverings for ventilation, lamps, machine housings or white goods!

The technical advantages of SHEETITE® at a glance

The SHEETITE® thin sheet metal screws are intended for direct screwing (i.e. screwing without existing female thread) of two or more sheets with a total composite of max. 0.5 times the nominal diameter. Your technology advantage:

  • optimised load capacity
  • high stability and durability
  • enormous unscrewing safety due to undercutting
  • high security against overloads
  • improved hole finding
  • enlarged screw-in depth
  • higher over torques
  • low tapping torque
  • no thermal stress on the sheet metal components
  • protection of internal product components by rounded tip
  • no additional security elements necessary
  • option for disassembly
  • flexible pre-hole design
  • no metal thread, metric thread
  • reduction of the weight of the final product by reducing the sheet thicknesses and omission of the security elements
Background information about connection elements

In our technology portal, our experts provide you with specialist topics in the field of connection technology. For example, technical specifications for direct screwing in plastics and metals, detailed consideration of fasteners made of steel, information on the production of screws and nuts or special pages for riveting.

Minimize assembly work

Save assembly costs

The unique screw connection technology simplifies your assembly process: upstream work steps such as thread cutting are no longer necessary. Also, the use of additional security elements in the sheet metal joining process is eliminated because the SHEETITE® screw secures independently. The variety of variants is noticeably limited.

This not only shortens the assembly time but also reduces your production costs and supplier diversity. The new joining technology for thin sheet assembly integrates easily into your existing production steps, streamlines and facilitates the bolting process and increases its safety.

Reduce of supplier diversity

In addition to reducing total connection costs, using SHEETITE® to join sheet metal components will minimise the diversity of your suppliers: instead of requesting multiple suppliers for bolts, nuts and other securing or joining elements, the request is minimised to one supplier.

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