Connection technology for lightweight wood construction

The solution for the caravan industry

The use of lightweight materials has increased, especially in the caravan and RV industry. Lightweight construction is about reducing the mass of materials and replacing them with efficient, weight-reduced materials. It is all the more important that the fasteners ensure stability and safety under high loads. With the COLDMELT® technology from Würth, we offer you an innovative and quick technique that is also economically viable. There are hardly any limits to the range of applications, because wherever lightweight materials are used, COLDMELT® technology can also be used. COLDMELT® technology is the innovative solution for connection technology in lightweight wood-based materials. The reproducible work results ensure maximum process reliability and are therefore ideally suited for industrial processing for the caravan industry and its suppliers.


How the COLDMELT® technology works

By applying mechanical vibrations in the ultrasonic range (20,500 Hz), thermoplastic adapters (COLDMELT® dowels) are set in motion. As a result, they melt at the contact points to the cover layer due to the resulting frictional heat and connect positively with the porous structure of the wood material. However, there is only little heat in this process. The development is based on the protected WoodWelding® technology of the WW WoodWelding GmbH from Switzerland. The dowel is mounted in just a few seconds and there is no need to wait for the adhesive to harden, as the joint can be loaded directly.

Cold fusion technology

The newly created attachment points offer two major advantages. On the one hand, it creates a loadable attachment point for e.g. fittings, on the other hand, the thin cover layers of lightweight sandwich materials are firmly connected, so that the lightweight panel is selectively converted to a solid board, but without increasing the weight.

What are the advantages of the COLDMELT® technology?
Your advantages
  • easy to use
  • more efficient than previous joining techniques
  • clean and firm connections
  • low process time (adhesive-free and immediately loadable - no waiting times)
  • high pull-out resistence
  • reproducible and stable process
  • thermal resistance (from -20 to +80 °C)
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