Supply with tools for material processing

Be it metalworking or woodworking, whether it is surface treatment, grinding, punching, drilling, filing, cutting, sawing or milling: as different as the work steps and materials that are processed in your company are, as different are the requirements for accessories or the requirements for the provision of tools for every work step or in case of repair.

We offer you the complete material supply from a single source! We provide you with the right products at the right place, the right time and in the right quantity! Our experts will gladly advise you on products and on individual delivery concepts for your indirect demands and resources. Just contact us.

Supply and delivery solutions for indirect production needs

The constant availability of tools, tool accessories and further equipment for industry or production is essential! A broken drill or a worn cutting disc must not delay the operation; the worker must be able to get a replacement immediately! Together with you, we will develop the best logistics solution for your supply according to your needs and your structure:

  • centrally in the material warehouse
  • centrally at a defined location in production
  • decentralised in every area of production with the required items (e.g. directly in the welding shop or in pre-assembly, etc.)

Tools. With System.

Tools resources dispensers

Simple and transparent removal!

Vending machines are particularly suitable for the individual removal of resources. Employees can simply withdraw items via pincode or similar.

Shelf system Orsy

Demand-oriented storage of equipment

We offer different shelving components that can be combined individually to create a shelf that suits your needs.


Lease electric tools, pneumatic tools and cordless tools from us! Our Fleet Management ORSY®fleet is your all-round carefree package for maximum productivity and minimum administration. The advantages:

  • state-of-the-art equipment
  • replacement in case of repair
  • all-inclusive package together with the ORSY®online tool management system
  • fixed financial planning

Occupational safety supply

Our industrial range offers a large selection of occupational safety products. Just as important as choosing the right protective equipment, however, is the availability of the items for your employees right at the workplace.

Together with you, we will work out the best logistics solution for the supply of occupational safety products according to your needs and structure, for example through vending machines directly in your production hall.

More about occupational safety

What would a screwdriver be without bits? Or an angle grinder without a cutting disc? Tools can only be as good as their accessories! That is why we also rely on proven Würth quality for resources and consumables!

We do not allow ourselves and our suppliers any compromises when it comes to the quality of the products offer. We systematically and rigorously check compliance with our strict quality standards with special test procedures so that you can always rely on the safety of our products!



We are here for you!
In addition to this range of products, contact persons with product and industry know-how are available to advise you.

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