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You can gain interesting insights and take advantage of the opportunity to learn about our laboratory, its testing possibilities and interesting background information. We would not only like to present the services of our laboratory available to you, but also give you interesting insights into the various testing procedures, their methods and importance for the application of the product.
Your personal laboratory expert, Mr. Caliper, will guide you through the world of laboratory. He will demonstrate and explain the individual stages as well as the testing possibilities of our laboratory using a hexagon head screw.
We look forward to immerse into the world of the laboratory together with you!

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Get acquainted with your travel guide, Mr. Caliper

Hello, I am Mr. Caliper and together we will gain insight into all the stages.

I will be your information provider for all the test procedures and will provide you the knowledge. Needless to say, I will respond to your needs and provide you further background information as well as useful reports. The technical equipment of our accredited test laboratory is diverse, modern and of high quality. It is the pre-requisite for our broad range of services, which are based on the current and future needs and demands of our customers. It is especially important for you to get acquainted with the different aspects, which identify us as a reliable and objective partner for quality assurance and product development. I will be at your disposal throughout the process.

Enjoy these fascinating insights into the laboratory together with me!


In case of any questions, you can contact me at:

Mr. Caliper
Test laboratory

Würth Industrie Service GmbH & Co. KG
Industriepark Würth, Drillberg, 97980 Bad Mergentheim, Germany

Get to learn here more about your travel guide: the hexagon head screw

Our product description of the screw consists of the following parts.

Product standard:
The product standard describes the item. Here you will find details about the dimensions as well as the mechanical properties.

Property class:
The property class describes the tensile and yield strength of the product. Further mechanical properties regarding the property class such as the hardness are described in DIN EN ISO 898-1.

The coating ZFSHL is one of the many coatings offered by Würth Industrie Service.


The abbreviation of coating without chromium-VI stands for:
ZF Zinc Flake
S Silver (silver colour matt)
H High (high corrosion protection)
L Lubricated

M10x40 describes the screw with a metric thread (M), a diameter of 10mm (10) and a length of 40mm (40).

More information about our surface coatings is available in the brochure W.TEC® SURFACE PROTECTION
In case of any questions, please contact our technical application consultant at

Stages of our tour – the testing possibilities of the accredited test laboratory

Salt spray test with Mr. Caliper

Salt spray test

Core hardness test with Mr. Caliper

Core hardness test

Surface hardness test with Mr. Caliper

Surface hardness test

Microstructure analysis with Mr. Caliper

Microstructure analysis

Dimensional inspection with Mr. Caliper

Dimensional inspection

Tensile test under wedge load with Mr. Caliper

Tensile test under wedge load

Coefficient of friction test with Mr. Caliper

Coefficient of friction test

Material analysis with Mr. Caliper

Material analysis