We make your factory lean - with kanban!


The principle of the Kanban system originating from Japan is simple: a rolling two-bin system. C-Parts are provided "just-in-time" directly to the place of storage. This creates a high level of customization potential in the event of fluctuations in demand, and maximum supply security in the event of reduced stock level, at the lowest possible capital commitment.

The material flow is controlled in a very simple manner. Via two bins, each with a barcode-based Kanban label. In addition, there is our Kanban management software. For data management. Each bin movement is recorded and documented.

But we take this a step further. We have continuously developed our Kanban system. For more intelligence! For your delivery reliability!

The CPS®RFID technology makes your kanban systems even more reliable. And as a result your value chain too. Data detection and automated transfer of orders take place via RFID, i.e. wirelessly. From your storage location in production to our central warehouse. With different solutions as iSHELF®, iBOX® and many more. The CPS®RFID portfolio is also extended by the new iGATE. This means that demand is triggered not for individual bins, but for a number of bins simultaneously. Bundled. Simple. But above all reliable.

With the iDISPLAY we have developed not only a multi-functional and digital shelf label (iDISPLAY), but also the corresponding app (CPS®MOBILE), which reproduces the Kanban shelf of the relevant customer on a one-to-one basis. In future, a shelf label will be replaced by the iDISPLAY. When attached to the storage location, the iDISPLAY recognises its position and reports this back automatically. Furthermore, the bin data is linked with the iDISPLAY. The position and item data are then used to automatically create a virtual shelf. The iDISPLAY and CPS®MOBILE system solutions offer a wide range of interaction options and a high level of transparency for exchanged data and information.

Our latest developed iPLACER® is a real alrounder. It includes a reader and transmitter unit and makes it possible to automate the process of reordering C-Parts. Furthermore you can use the item as a stock management system. According to the purpose of application we differentiate between iPLACER® WP (installation on workplaces), iPLACER® OP (installation anywhere it is likely to be needed) and iPLACER® FR (installation on flow racks). The iPLACER® scans the RFID-tags fitted on the kanban-bins and triggers likewise a full automatically order via data transmission.

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