We make your factory lean - with our range!

range of product

A specialised range of more than 1,400,000 items forms the basis for effective C-parts management. For your industrial production, for maintenance and service.

This means: DIN and standard parts, connecting and mounting elements, chemical-technical products, tools along with personal protective equipment.

1,400,000 items can't be wrong. But only if the range is tailored to your individual requirements! This even includes parts that only your company needs, i.e. customer-specific special parts, parts based on drawings and manufacturer-designed parts.

Not only customised, but standardized too. Product standardisation – how are we doing this? Incrementally, from the identification and elimination of duplications, to suggestions for the reduction of products to valuable advice about what a design with an optimal use of C-Parts can look like.

We are there to support you.

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