We make your factory lean - with CPS®ORSY


Our ORSY® storage and ordering system ensures optimum utilisation of the storage space in your material management system.

Particularly in the case of consumables with an irregular demand to which you need fast access.

The modular system of individually combinable rack components has been developed in conjunction with you, our customer. You specify the scope and contents. We'll take care of the rest!

This gives you faster access to items and transparent inventory monitoring. Including individual planning, setup, labelling, loading and continuous maintenance of your ORSY® racks as well as permanent product range controlling.

And all for a structured storage solution. Fits your purpose.

Whether bin systems, box systems, chemical components or drawer systems!

Or the new ORSY®PUSH-shelf. Its a full automatically warehouse for materials and hazardous goods with irregular requirements of widely varying order cycles. It offers space for container and cardboard boxes and can be used as warehouse for chemical-technical items or as mobile shelving system. For ordering the system uses ultrasonic technology. This effects maximum flexibility, efficient use of space and a reduction of purchasing expenses.

The Würth scanner links the online and offline world and is the cornerstone of the scanner-based ordering system. Simply record barcodes for items, packaging, the barcode catalogue or storage locations. And repeat ordering via our online shop is electronically triggered.

With the automated material dispensing system you have all production and operating materials trailored to your individual needs in stock – totally independent – around the clock. The access is regulated by authorization levels – for completely transparency.

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