Würth Part Creator. The online platform for your 3D printing parts.

Würth Part Creator 3D printing Platform

Our Würth Part Creator gives you the option to print your desired part quickly and easily. The online platform is ideal, if you have the 3D data of the desired part, you only need a single part or small quantities of parts, and you do not need the support of our 3D printing experts.

Through in-house printers and the collaboration with high-performing specialised partners, who can print large quantities of requests quickly by using multiple printers, we offer you a fast and cost-effective delivery of your parts. The items are printed where they are needed – be it in any part of the world.

Working with partner companies also allows you to choose between a range of technologies and materials as well as post-processing.

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Easily get your 3D printing part with the Würth Part Creator:

  • You design your virtual model
    You upload your own CAD file, configure your virtual model, and get a customised offer.
  • We manufacture your physical component
    You receive an order confirmation immediately after your order. The manufacturing of your physical products is controlled automatically to enable you to deliver goods as quickly as possible.
  • You receive your product
    You can look forward to your physical products, which we will gladly deliver to you at your delivery address.
Service portfolio 3D printing CPS®WAM

Technical services

We will gladly assist you in creating 3D data and advise you on the appropriate manufacturing process. Under the CPS®WAM brand, we offer you a complete range of 3D printing products.

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