Spare parts supply at Elabo

Short-term spare parts delivery using additive manufacturing

With the use of additive manufacturing technologies, Würth Industrie Service could deliver a cover for a work table to Elabo that they required at short notice.

Spare part manufactured cost-effectively and quickly

Initial situation

The procurement of spare parts is rarely an easy undertaking in industrial companies. The part that is needed, is often not available or it is very expensive because of high tool costs. This happened with our customer ELABO GmbH, a provider of testing and inspection systems, worker guidance and technical workplace solutions.

In an innovation project with upcoming filming, a cover of a work table was damaged shortly before filming began. Since this played an important role in the film, a solution had to be found at short notice to replace the cover.

Additively manufactured cover

Feasibility analysis and manufacturing

ELABO GmbH turned to Würth Industrie Service, which already acts as a partner in C-Parts supply. After a quick and targeted feasibility analysis, the 3D printing experts of Würth Industrie Service were able to offer a solution to the challenge. A customer-specific spare part was printed in small series without tools and then coated according to customer requirements. This was remedied promptly using additive manufacturing and enabled a successful film work.

Factors of success - success story:

Factors of success:

With the help of conventional manufacturing process, it would not have been not possible to manufacture the product in such a short time. Thanks to the company’s 3D printers and cooperation with specialised partner companies, Würth Industrie Service can manufacture spare parts in the shortest time possible. Since the 3D data of the cover was already available, it was possible to start the printing process immediately after the product was selected.


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