Reverse engineering with 3D scanning

Reverse engineering, i.e. redesigning of existing parts, is a popular and common method in many industrial companies in the absence of 3D data of the component. The drawback: manual designing is very expensive and time-consuming!

With the help of 3D scanners, a revolution in reverse engineering can be achieved! A digital twin is created in no time by scanning the component – the ideal basis for product optimisation, prototype manufacturing, quality assurance and spare parts production.

By using additive manufacturing technology, you get your prototype or spare part in no time.

Würth Industrie Service offers 3D scanning of your components as a service. If required, our experts will support you in component optimisation, prototype development, spare parts production or quality assurance.

Please refer to our use cases to understand how reverse engineering combined with additive manufacturing technologies significantly increased productivity and reduced costs.

Buy 3D scanners

Do you want to perform 3D scanning by yourself in your company and are you looking for the right device? Our product range includes 3D scanners from renowned manufacturers. Based on your requirements, we will advise you on selecting the right device. We will also take care of installation and maintenance of the 3D scanner and will train your employees, if necessary.