Product development: Microscope cover for Würth Industrie Service

Innovative solution finding with the use of additive manufacturing

The advantages of 3D printing are also being used at Würth Industrie Service. We manufactured a cover for a microscope in our laboratory, in order to reduce the effect of ambient light.

Initial situation: Finding a solution to reduce reflections on the microscope

During the commissioning of a newly acquired microscope in the test laboratory of Würth Industrie Service, it was evident that the recorded images showed mirroring and reflections whereby the images could not be used for the desired test.

Temporarily, the ambient light was provisionally shielded – however, a sustainably effective solution was being sought for the permanent application.

Additive manufacturing of the microscope cover enables quick solution

Additive manufacturing enables quick identification of solutions

After researches revealed that there was no standardised solution for the light reflections for this microscope, the CPS®WAM colleagues looked at the use case and designed a customised 3D model of a microscope cover that shields the ambient light as well as glossy surfaces.

With the use of additive manufacturing on the company’s printer, the cover could be printed and tested immediately. The first print of the cover right away fulfilled all requirements: optimal serviceability, high-quality, durable material and an attractive design.

Factors of success - Success story

Factors of success

The tool costs would have been higher and the production times would have been longer if the same was executed with conventional manufacturing procedures. Since the component is required only once and a fast solution was called for, additive manufacturing turned out to be the ideal technology.

Würth Industrie Service is the optimal partner for such types of product requirements as our CPS®WAM experts guide you from product development of the idea, through the design up to its manufacturing with their know-how.

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