Social commitment of Würth Industrie Service
Social commitment

Würth Industrie Service assumes responsibility even beyond the boundaries of company.

Social commitment

Würth Industrie Service assumes responsibility even beyond the boundaries of company.

Social commitment

Commitment beyond the boundaries of company

Entrepreneurial action means future-oriented action. As a family business, the Würth Group as well as the management of Würth Industrie Service has been committed to this principle ever since its early years. We are involved in all sorts of corporate initiatives, support charitable organizations, and promote numerous projects in the fields of arts and culture, research and science as well as education.

Experience arts and culture up close and personal

Würth Industrie Service focuses on creative potential. Potential is just as important for guaranteeing unique works in the field of arts as it is for pioneering innovations in a successful company. Because the progress starts, where the creativity can thrive. As a company which operates globally and acts responsibly, it goes without saying that we act upon this conviction. Therefore, we work together with artists involved in arts and culture based on long-term partnerships and promote cultural education programmes in the company and outside. We thus contribute to enriching lives of as many people as possible – employees as well as the residents of Main-Tauber valley – by promoting artistic ideas.


Cultural commitment | Würth Industrie Service
Cultural commitment

Cultural commitment at Würth Industrie Service means diversity: of arts, literature, music and much more.

Cultural commitment

Cultural commitment at Würth Industrie Service means diversity: of arts, literature, music and much more.


Leadership culture Würth Industrie Service

Leadership culture

Around Drillberg

The journey through the 800-old history of political, military and economic leadership aims at illustrating the increased complexity of responsible leadership across various epochs. Whether at the time of the Teutonic Order, Weimar Republic, National Socialist reign of terror or Federal Republic of Germany, its Federal Armed Forces and one of its most successful commercial enterprises of post-war period, of Würth Group. With the idea to not let the military past of Drillberg fall into oblivion, the company unites the past and the present in the exhibition Leadership culture .


Experience history and culture

The historic Mergentheim residential palace is situated in the heart of the city centre of Bad Mergentheim. It was the residence of the Grand and German Master of the Teutonic Order from 16th to the early 19th century. To this day, Bad Mergentheim is characterized by the Teutonic Order. The heritage can be experienced in Deutschordensmuseum – the heart of the palace – on an exhibition area of over 3000 square metres since 1996. Würth Industrie Service enables the citizens to brush up on the history of their city by promoting art and culture locally in Bad Mergentheim.


Classical singing competition

DEBUT is an internationally recognised classical singing competition that opens exciting avenues for young opera singers at the beginning of their musical journey. Vocal soloists have a unique chance to perform in front of a distinguished jury in the international competition. The biennial singing competition DEBUT promoted by us is characterised by an extraordinarily level in different areas and successfully combines economy, technology and culture.

Würth Philharmoniker

Orchestra for the public

In July 2017, the Würth Philharmoniker were introduced as Würth’s own orchestra for the public during the inauguration of new CARMEN WÜRTH FORUM. The credit for initiating this new orchestra goes to Prof. Dr. h. c. mult. Reinhold Würth, who has been promoting and supporting culture and arts as significant drivers of the company philosophy and for enriching the lives of the employees since many years. Following the high quality standards of the company, guest appearances of internationally acclaimed conductors and renowned soloists such as Gautier Capuçon, Maxim Vengerov or Olga Peretyatko, guarantee top-class classical music.

Arts & culture

Not just procurement solutions

Become acquainted with the art by Würth in all its different forms and enjoy the multifaceted events incorporated in diversified supporting programme. Browse through our events calendar for relevant events!


Focus on people

In the world in which people and cultures are progressively connected and thus presented with new social challenges, it is extremely important that companies identify and assume their social responsibility. Social commitment is therefore an integral part of Würth Industrie Service. A solid education for children and youths is an important requirement for a healthy society and also for a sustainable economy. For this purpose, we actively focus on improving these circumstances particularly in our region. We support innovative projects to promote education, highlight educational opportunities and are leading sponsors of different schools with strong partners.


Project groups of Würth Industrie Service

Project groups on-site

Support trainees

Consciously assume responsibility and show commitment outside everyday work. The concept of inclusion also plays an important role in the training phase of our trainees. We have the opportunity to actively involve people with physical and intellectual disability as well as refugees with the help of our project groups “Social learning” and "WIS for Refugees”. Regular events aim to overcome prejudices, connect with people and bring together different cultures.

Girls’ Day

Girls’ Future Day

It is a matter close to the heart for Würth Industrie Service to support young people during their transition from school to work life. There are several paths in training, education and job for every young man and woman. This creates opportunities and challenges for which they need support. It involves promoting their actual talents and interests, critically questioning conventional clichés of roles, giving insights about variety of training options and jobs. With Girl’s Day, Würth Industrie Service fulfils this task.

Girls’ Day
Youth development Würth Industrie Service

Partnerships with schools

for youth development

Apart from Lorenz-Fries-Schule in Bad Mergentheim, which primarily serves early education and language development and Schule im Taubertal for intellectually disabled people, we also support Jugendtechnikschule Taubertal. In this way, we not only promote the opportunity to gain foothold in the job market but also to build strong social ties. This is totally independent of origin, religion, profession and educational background. Every student should be able to play his part in the society with his skills.

Kreative Köpfe

Young inventors

The regional competition for school children with creative ingenuity, "Kreative Köpfe“, enables implementation of project ideas in mathematics, information technology, natural sciences, and technology with the support of experts from regional companies. Würth Industrie Service offers valuable insights and opportunities to conduct research, to invent and to test.

Sport commitment at Würth Industrie Service
Sports promotion

Würth Industrie Service believes: Sport combines and promotes social competence.

Sports promotion

Würth Industrie Service believes: Sport combines and promotes social competence.


Sport combines

Sport combines performance, excitement, emotions and passion – dimensions which are comprehensible across languages and cultures. No matter how old, how strong, from where you are, whether you are with or without disability: sport makes you strong and creates communion. It enables people with disabilities to participate equally in cultural and sporty life. Therefore, the promotion of sports in all its facets has always been a matter very close to the heart for Würth Industrie Service. The company promotes competitive and recreational sports, especially football, in the vicinity of its locations. Sport contributes to strengthening team spirit and imparting essential skills such as self-confidence and sportsmanship – qualities, which are also important in later professional life.


Promoting regional sports

Regional sports

Around Bad Mergentheim

Social commitment is the cornerstone of working and living together. As one of the largest employers in the region, Würth Industrie Service wants to improve quality of life at local level and hence actively participates at regional level as dependable promoter of sports.

Special Olympics

More than just a sport

Special Olympics Germany gives people with intellectual disabilities a chance to gain more self-confidence, recognition and finally more participation in social life through sports. The employees as well as the trainees of Würth Industrie Service have the opportunity to specially promote these everyday exercises and play an active role as volunteer for Special Olympics “national games”.

Special Olympics Würth Industrie Service
Invictus Games Würth Industrie Service

Invictus Games 2023

A Home For Respect

An idea that inspires people: The Invictus Games, started in 2014 by Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex, will take place from 9th to 16th September 2023 in Düsseldorf. This is the first time that the Games are being held in Germany. The focus here is on offering social recognition to wounded, injured and ill soldiers as well as on their recovery and rehabilitation. Würth Industrie Service GmbH & Co. KG is proud to be able to sponsor the international sports festival.

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