Customer reference: Elster GmbH: Personal protective equipment from head to toe

Elster is known within the Honeywell Group as the world leader in gas measuring systems and gas pressure regulation and as a recognised manufacturer of electronic systems and modular gas stations. Elster’s Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solutions enable energy suppliers to deliver, manage, and maintain vital gas, power, and water resources cost-effectively. The company employs more than 7,000 employees and has offices in 38 countries in North and South America, Europe and Asia.

Reference Elster GmbH


There are always visible and invisible dangers in our working environment. Professional occupational safety is therefore a prerequisite for safe and legally compliant work. According to the motto “all from one single source: product, system and service.”, Würth Industrie Service offers optimum supply systems in the field of personal protective equipment (PPE) with intelligent ORSY®mat vending machine models and ORSY® shelving systems for a secure, automated and demand-based supply of MRO products.


Objective of the new production supply

  • Supply security through automated re-ordering
  • 24-hour availability
  • Cost center assignment
  • Innovative technologies
  • Complete transparency of all processes, withdrawals and orders
  • Safe and needs-based storage

The solution: PPE with intelligent supply systems

Würth Industrie Service has been helping to ensure an efficient and transparent supply of MRO products with solutions, technologies and innovations since 2014. The success story with Elster is more versatile than ever: from textile finishing of gloves from the Würth product range, individualised work clothes, a central shoe warehouse, automated refilling of spray cans such as leak detectors using REFILLO®mat, to intelligent ORSY®mat vending machines and ORSY®shelving systems for withdrawing and storing PPE as required. Since 2018, Elster has relied on the ORSY® shelving systems for its workshop at the Mainz-Kastel site. With the help of different rack components, which can be combined individually and modularly, utility products and consumables such as adhesive tapes, cleaning papers or cleaning agents can be stored and made available on demand. It goes further: with the intelligent ORSY®mat vending machines, Würth Industrie Service takes care of everything from delivery, storage and stocking to fully automatic replenishment of auxiliary and operating materials. The measuring technology specialist uses various vending machine models such as the flap vending machine ORSY®mat FP, the helix vending machine ORSY®mat HX or the rotating vending machine ORSY®mat RT to withdraw PPE individually. All models mainly provide gloves, glasses, hearing protection capsules or tools. Due to the different flap sizes, large items such as hard hats are also stored in ORSY®mat FP. For the implementation of hygiene measures, Elster relies on the extended product range of new occupational safety and hygiene products in combination with ORSY®mat RT. The intelligent ORSY®mat system takes care of a digital and fully automated reordering of the withdrawn items through complete inventory overview and also provides an overview of consumption and costs. Moreover, the storage is secured and loss can be reduced to a minimum through a secured access authorisation. To ensure that Elster can also benefit from pioneering developments of Würth Industrie Service, the latest ORSY®mat WGT (WGT stands for weight) vending machine for dispensing of personal protective equipment will be implemented in Mainz-Kastel site

The result: Personal protective equipment from head to toe with intelligent supply concepts

“Our employees can withdraw their protective equipment and other consumables directly on site using their employee card via RFID. Completely autonomous and without any dependency on a centralised place for material dispensing. Thanks to the 24-hour availability of goods, all auxiliary and operating materials are available to our employees around the clock.” Luigi Genna, Sr. Logistics Supervisor & Head of Logistics at Elster.


Further success stories of our supply systems

Nowadays, electronic system solutions are the be-all and end-all of an efficient sourcing of C parts.

For instance, for Gerhardi, a driver of innovation, a scanner-based sourcing system with connection to an online shop is an indispensable precondition for a smoothly running just-in-time production. This is why they looked for an automated process that was standardized but still allowed for flexible orders as well.

GERHARDI nutzt elekronische Lösungen der Würth Industrie Service