Always one step ahead - Our latest studies and innovations


iBin® - The first intelligent Kanban bin

Würth Industry was the first C-Parts supplier (January 2013) to introduce an optical ordering system that will revolutionise materials management for a long time to come. The quantity, number and ordering information for the item can be obtained at bin level via the built-in camera; this is then transmitted to the ERP system automatically.

Therefore, not only is it possible to ensure just-in-time delivery of small parts needed for production on a requirement-driven basis, but C-Parts can be supplied in real time using an image format



iDISPLAY- Networked systems

From the way we communicate and obtain information to the way we shop, digitisation is changing society, politics and the economy. Würth Industry has reached another milestone in C-Parts management and Industry 4.0 with the study on the new iDISPLAY and the CPS®MOBILE app, conducted in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute, Institute for Material Flow and Logistics as part of the "Enterprise Lab".

The technology involves not only a multifunctional, digital rack label system, but also an interlinked app that provides a mobile management system for the transparent exchange of data and information.