iBOX®/iBOX®flex: The intelligent, flexible pallet box

RFID Palettenbox

With this intelligent box your C-Parts order information is transferred immediately via RFID as soon as an empty bin is placed in there. That leads to a fully automated determination of requirements.

The iBOX®flex is the first pallet box on the market that can operate two kanban systems in production simultaneously. This includes, firstly, an extending drawer for all empty bins ans xecondly, the iBOX®flex contains a separate compartment on the side for RFID tags from the Kanban pallet.

Benefits and advantages of the iBOX®

  • High capacity of up to 100 bins (size 3215)
  • Simple, integrated order and data transfer
  • Position is freely selectable, position can be switched at any time
  • Security of data transmission through a closed system

Special features

  • Fast changeover without changing existing processes
  • One system for several supply concepts: Two kanban containers and pallet Kanban
  • Integration of the iBOX®flex into the Kanban rack



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