Eye protection: The safety of your sight

Employers are required to identify the risks to the eyes and face. At workplaces with sharp-edged chips, dust or splinters, the eyes are exposed to a multitude of hazards, which can be divided into three groups:

  • Chemical hazards to the eyes (acids, alkalis, gases, fumes, mists, smoke)
  • Mechanical hazards to the eyes (dust, foreign bodies)
  • Optical hazards to the eyes (UV and IR radiation, glare from light)

CPS®SAFETY – We stand up for you when it comes to your safety!

Choosing suitable personal protective equipment is essential when it comes to optimally protecting your employees. Our experts from the CPS®SAFETY team will be your competent partner when it comes to developing and evaluating prevention measures. We are happy to help!

A wide range of protective items

Our product range includes goggles in a variety of designs and includes both simple goggles, as well as face shields to protect the mouth and nose as well as welding goggles and welding helmets.

  • Flat goggles are versatile and provide protection during the work. There are different models that provide the highest wearing comfort, for example in a sporty design.
  • Face shields provide you with the perfect protection during grinding and cutting work. The disc change can be done quickly and easily and an individual adjustment of the headband is possible.
  • Welding helmets and goggles provide good protection for welding work. Since welding creates dangerous gases, splashes and radiations that can cause extreme damage to the eyes, it is even more important to wear a welding shield.

Unique coating technology!

Unique coating technology
Unique coating technology

A very special coating technology is used to produce the lens of the goggles with an extremely scratch-resistant coat on the outside and a permanent anti-fog coat on the inside. Protection against UV and infrared radiation as well as against glare should also not be underestimated. Our glasses guarantee 100% UV protection.

Scratch-resistant coating
Scratch-resistant coating

In order to be able to work properly and without interference, certain conditions of safety goggles are necessary. To withstand chemicals or welding sparks, the glasses must be scratch-resistant from the outside. With annoying scratches and thus impaired visibility, the work is much more difficult.

Anti-fog coating
Anti-fog coating

Even with a constant change between inside and outside, wearers of glasses still have to have a permanently unrestricted view and still need to be able to see everything, so goggles must be fog-free inside. This is enabled by a special coating technology.

Prescription safety glasses

Prescription safety glasses: turn 2 into 1

Prescription safety glasses are a combination of safety goggles and prescription glasses. This is the optimal solution for wearers of eyeglasses in workplaces with eye-endangered activities and enables a significantly greater wearing acceptance through high wearing comfort and optimal vision. In our online shop, you will find ready-made glasses in different strengths and designs. You are very welcome to contact us for further individual requirements!

Safety through wear comfort

Only the permanent wearing of occupational safety products guarantees protection against the different hazards. For this, it is important, especially during strenuous work or prolonged wear, that the goggles do not slip or fog. Wearing comfort and wearing behaviour play an important role here. The Würth goggles are characterised by numerous properties that make them more acceptable to the wearer:

  • excellent wear comfort
  • perfect fit
  • modern, sporty design
  • highest security
  • protection & lifestyle