Exoskeletons: Reliable support at the workplace

The ergonomic boost for a more comfortable working

Activities in logistics, overhead assembly work or lifting heavy components in manufacturing require one to often to maintain a repetitive posture or to lift continuously. In order to prevent muscle or joint injury while working, exoskeletons can be used for preventive healthcare and relief.

Exoskeletons are external support and assistance systems, which are attached to the body, in order to support and provide relief to certain body parts while lifting or carrying loads. During strenuous work, exoskeletons ensure the optimal posture thanks to their ergonomic design - whether it is for the back, neck, knee, wrist or torso.

The use of exoskeletons can significantly help to prevent musculoskeletal disorders, protect the health of your employees, improve working conditions and finally, increase productivity.

Relief for muscle group(s)
Improved posture
More productivity
Better ergonomics

Exoskeletons in the industry

Exoskeletons are essential, especially for people working in logistics, production or while doing assembly or repair work. Springs, elasticated straps or other mechanical mechanisms support employees in their movements when carrying or lifting.

For long-term health, less strain, better ergonomics and a better, prolonged working.

Exoskeletons in use
Exoskeletons in use
Exoskeletons in use
Exoskeletons in use
Exoskeletons in use
Exoskeletons in use
Exoskeletons in use
Exoskeletons in use
Consulting services in occupational safety

Together with our partners and experts in the field of exoskeletons, we offer you the support you need to make workstations and workplaces in your company safer and more ergonomic.

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