25 years of Würth Industrie Service

We are celebrating our 25th anniversary!

Würth Industrie Service has been supporting industrial customers as a holistic C-Parts partner since 25 years, by making sure that they have the right parts at the right time, in the right quantity, at the right place – starting from screws, washers and nuts to occupational safety products to special parts, we offer our customers over 1.4 million different items. Our story as an independent subsidiary of the Würth Group started with just 80 employees on an abandoned 120-hectare military site in Bad Mergentheim, which is now known as Würth Industrial Park. Now exactly 25 years later, over 1,800 employees in Germany and around 6,800 employees across the world are forging the path of our continued success.

Fact check: Würth Industrie Service at a glance




We are represented in more than 40 countries worldwide.




Over 1,800 employees in Germany & over 6,800 worldwide work for our success every day.




We have one of the most modern logistics centers for industrial supplies in Europe.




We are continuously growing and have invested over
€ 422,000,000 till date.




We offer more than 1,400,000 products.

Customer satisfaction



We inspire over 20,000 customers.




We are deeply rooted in Bad Mergentheim.




On the 143-hectare company premises, we have enough place to grow.

Investment in our employees



Every year, we invest around € 1,500,000 in training and development.




We focus on transparency when it comes to sustainability strategy.

Rainer Bürkert

Setting up a company with 80 employees on 120 hectares was unimaginable for many!

“Würth Group as well as Prof. Dr. h. c. mult. Reinhold Würth, the current Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Würth Group, are defined by vision and courage since the very beginning. When Würth Industrie Service was founded in 1999 and we occupied an area of 120 hectares with 80 employees, many called us crazy – looking back, the decision to move to Drillberg, Bad Mergentheim proved to be a guarantee of success. Without Prof. Reinhold Würth, who supported our vision strongly since the very beginning, we would not have been where we are today.”

Rainer Bürkert, Member of the Central Managing Board of the Würth Group

Martin Jauss

Over 1,800 dedicated employees are the basis of our success story.

“In the last 25 years, Würth Industrie Service has continuously developed itself further and has become what it is today – the European market leader in supply of small parts to industrial customers. Together, we have forged more than 20,000 partnerships with customers across entire Europe. We are thankful for the partnership-based cooperation with our customers and our suppliers, for the openness and above all for the commitment of our employees! Only because of this we are the market leader today.”

Martin Jauss, General Manager of Würth Industrie Service

Kanban bins

25 years problem solver

Manufacturing companies need hundreds, in fact, thousands of parts at the right time, in the right quantity and at the right place. Preferably automated, without manual intervention. This is exactly where our solutions come into play. With intelligent racks , vending machines , workplaces or even electronic solutions, we deliver parts at the exact location where they are required. Reordering is done completely automatically, through which, productivity and transparency can be increased to a maximum and processes are optimised. Our company covers a huge product range with over 1,400,000 items : from screws to occupational safety products, tools, chemical items up to 3D printing parts.

Logistics pioneer

25 years logistics pioneer

Logistics area of over 65,000 square metres, over 650,000 storage spaces, 550 tonnes of goods every day in goods issue: Würth Industrial Park is one of the most modern logistics centres for industrial supply in the entire Europe . On the space equivalent to about 9 football fields, it is the pulsating linchpin of the company. From here, we supply to more than 20,000 customers. In order to ensure long-term supply, we continuously invest in further expansion of our storage capacity. With the new high bay warehouse, even more space will be created. Innovative technologies along with over 480 employees ensure a completely coordinated process – and that with the goal to achieve optimised workplace ergonomics, a sustainably healthy way of working as well as a heightened degree of automation and digitalisation.

Precision expert

25 years precision expert

“Würth is quality – everywhere and at all times.” Therefore, we are the precision experts since the beginning. Precision is ensured not only by our local quality engineers on site, but also by an international network that puts all suppliers through their paces. Our specialised test laboratory, which is accredited for over 50 test methods, is representative for our extremely high quality standard. Highly qualified employees working with state of the art devices on an area of 800 square metres ensure absolutely reliable test results. We also receive enquiries from across the world at Bad Mergentheim. In order to be optimally equipped for it, we capitalise on training and development of our employees. Specifically on our trained material inspectors in the test laboratory.


25 years technological progress

Digital, networked, automated systems ensure excellent progress and pave the way for Industry 4.0. We demonstrate this even in our logistics . With our self-learning robots, professional camera inspection systems, driverless transport systems as well as high-bay and shuttle warehouses and our modern IT systems and processes that are perfectly coordinated with one another, we ensure that the product reaches from point A to point B. Naturally, behind every innovation, there are brilliant minds. We do not just have IT experts, but also subject matter experts.

Kanban system

25 years customer proximity

In collaboration with our customers as well as partners from the fields of science, research, trade and industry, we continuously develop system and product solutions, which are tailored to our customer’s individual requirements. Along with the personalised support from our office and field staff, our individual experts are also available to all of our over 20,000 industrial customers. And this is not the case only in our 13 regional branch offices in Germany, but also across the world in over 40 countries. Our experts are well-versed with the market, the industry and the requirements of the respective customers. Regular visits, digital contact points and numerous events also contribute to this.

25 years career opportunities


Contact us at T +49 7931 91-0 or send an e-mail to info@wuerth-industrie.com .


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