ORSY® storage management

We will transform the maintenance for you


We will transform the maintenance for you

Save valuable time through ORSY® storage management

A lot is accumulated over the years in the maintenance. As the company grows so does its palette of products and it often becomes difficult to maintain an overview. Our ORSY® storage management is here to your rescue! Our customised solutions provide a structure and are indeed your true time-savers.

ORSY®: More efficiency through Order with a System

The ORSY® systems offer modular solutions for stationary as well as mobile use and can be customised as per your requirements down to the smallest detail. Not only does ORSY® arrange your storage easily and neatly but also simplifies the reordering process of your materials. For example, with Würth App or with one of our automated supply solutions such as ORSY®mat vending machines.

The best thing about ORSY® is that everything fits together, all the systems can be combined with each other and everything finds a perfect place every time and everywhere.

ORSY®flex: optimally tailored for you

With its modular design, the ORSY®flex shelves offer the ideal storage for your fasteners as well as auxiliary and operating materials. All items are stored in such a way that you can find everything immediately and replenish it in good time.

ORSY®flex - shelf for production, maintenance, logistics

Flexible all-rounder

  • Flexible use of shelves
  • Optimum use of storage space
  • For bins and cardboard boxes
  • Nine shelf levels for W®KLT bin
  • Simple reordering with scanning function of the Würth App
  • Wide range of accessories (e.g. drawers, cases, modules for cartridges, threaded rods and canisters)
Two-bin system with ORSY®flex

Shelf depth: one system with infinite possibilities

  • 350 mm, suitable for one-bin system with W®KLT 2.0 2115 and 3215
  • 680 mm, suitable for two-bin system with W®KLT 2.0 2115 and 3215
  • 830 mm, suitable for two-bin system with W®KLT 2.0 4315 and 4115
  • 500 mm, suitable for supplementing with modules of the ORSY®1 shelf series, ideal for using cardboard boxes
ORSY®mat and ORSY®flex - a perfect match

The perfect match: ORSY®flex and ORSY®mat

Thanks to their uniform height of 1950 mm, the shelving system and vending machine not only complement each other perfectly, but also are visually appealing. With the automated reordering, individual authorisation concept and complete transparency about all processes, withdrawals and orders, ORSY®mat is the ideal addition for high-quality auxiliary and operating materials.

Other solutions from the world of ORSY®. More time for core work.

ORSY®mat vending machines
vending machines

ORSY®mat solutions are used to easily stock, dispense and automatically reorder auxiliary and operating materials.

Automated material dispensing - production, maintenance, logistics
ORSY® Crib
Material dispensing

The automated material dispensing offers a wide range of items and orders them automatically upon withdrawal.

Automated material and hazardous materials storage
Automated storage

The automated material and hazardous materials storage orders independently using sensor technology.

Refilling of spray cans
Hazardous materials management

CPS®CHEMICAL offers sustainable and safe solutions such as a reusable system for spray cans.

Vehicle interior equipment - Mobile workshop
Vehicle interior equipment

Even on the road, the individually configurable ORSY®mobil equipment provides you a clear storage.

Factory equipment with ORSY®
Perfectly equipped
Factory equipment

The ORSY® product range includes workbenches, workbench trolleys, workshop cabinets, etc.

Equipment management ORSY®online
Equipment management

With online service called ORSY®ONLINE, you can now manage your equipment fleet easily, efficiently and securely.

Fleet management ORSY®fleet
Fleet management

With ORSY®fleet, you can lease tools and machines from our product range.