How will the workplaces and processes in the production change in the future?

Smart Workplace – The workplace of the future

Intelligent. Connected. Secure.

The ever-increasing complexity of logistics and production processes not only increases the demands on the working environment, but also the need to make all work equipment available exactly where it is finally needed: on the shelf, at the storage location or directly at the production line. Thanks to our individual solutions, logistics, work and assembly stations can be integrated directly into the value chain and production supply.

The Smart Workplace combines an ergonomic, supportive workplace that is precisely adapted to the individual needs with intelligent supply solutions.

The assembly workplace of the future

With the Smart Workplace, unnecessary walking, searching for parts and manual recording of requirements are finally a thing of the past!

Thanks to numerous options for individual workstation design and C-Parts supply directly at the workplace, you can find all the parts right where you need them. In addition, you benefit from lean processes and maximum parts availability thanks to automated, demand-oriented reordering!

The Smart Workplace is holistically aligned with your requirements, so you can fully concentrate on your core activities!

Maximum supply security. Directly at the workplace.

RFID module iPLACER®
Flexible RFID module

The RFID module ensures the automated reordering of required parts directly at the workstation.

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iSCALE - scale system for production supply
Sensor-controlled scale system

The scale system triggers an order as soon as the bin falls below a defined weight.

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iDISPLAY - digital shelf label
Digital shelf label

The digital shelf label displays product information, enables reordering at the touch of a button and provides pick-by-light.

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RFID Kanban solutions for a secure C-Parts management
Intelligent shelf floor

Our RFID Kanban shelves complement the Smart Workplace and are used for the secure supply of a variety of different C-Parts.

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Small-sized bin
Small-sized bins
Supply of small quantities

With the small-sized bin processing, the Smart Workplace also offers a secure material supply for the smallest parts requirements. In conjunction with an RFID carrier bin, these parts are also automatically reordered.

ORSY®mat vending machines
Vending machines

The ORSY®mat vending machines are used for the secure automated supply of indirect materials. Placed in a decentralized manner, you have your required products quickly at hand when needed.

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Autonomous shuttles complement the smart workplace

Complementary solutions from our cooperation partners

At the Smart Workplace humans and machines work hand in hand. In synergy with the digital rack label iDISPLAY, worker assistance systems assure certainty in the work processes and reduce complexity. Autonomous shuttles automatically bring items directly to the workplace, reduce routes and allow more time for value-adding activities.

Modular workplace solutions

The base: customised, ergonomic workplace solutions

Würth Industrie Service offers innovative workplace solutions for designing an ergonomic workplace optimally aligned to your individual needs. The Würth Aluminium Profile System WAPS® offers the base here. Using different parts and components, the experts of Würth Industrie Service develop individual workstations considering the 5S rules. The workstations are backed by OPT-I-STORE® hard foam inserts, the attachment system CLIP-O-FLEX® and the bin clip W-KLT®Clip making the Kanban bin easy to move and easy to hang on the workstation to save space.

Advantages of the Smart Workplace

Advantages of the Smart Workplace

  • Maximum availability of your C-Parts directly at the place of usage
  • Increase of productivity by elimination of walking distances and reduction of non-value adding activities
  • Avoidance of manual error sources
  • Ergonomic workstations
  • Maximum transparency of inventories and consumptions
  • Early identification of demand fluctuations
  • Lower capital commitment
  • More flexibility within your value chain
  • Precise control of the flow of goods

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