Connection technology for the automotive industry
Perfection and reliability down to the smallest detail

Connection technology for the automotive industry

Perfection and reliability down to the smallest detail

Connection technology for the automotive industry

C-Parts management for the automotive industry: CPS®AUTOMOTIVE

Partnership at eye level

As experts in the field of joining technology and C-parts management, we know that every industry is unique and requires unique, individually oriented support. In our AUTOMOTIVE division, the engineering, purchasing and sales departments work hand in hand and are specifically geared to the requirements of the automotive industry.
In this way, we achieve maximum safety, quality and speed and develop together with you, as a sparring partner, sustainable solutions for the automotive industry of tomorrow.

That is what sets us apart. More than ever.

Fasteners for the automotive industry. Everything from a single source.

The core competence of the CPS®AUTOMOTIVE division is in the construction support and technical customer service. Our specialists will support you in the development phase and will give you advice regarding the production methods, materials, surfaces and coatings.

Thanks to our qualified supplier network, we are able to meet the different requirements of the customers of automotive supplier industry. We take care of procurement and logistics of the norm and standard parts as well as customised products and take up prototypes, small series as well as mass productions. In addition to conventional production methods, we will also advice you regarding additive manufacturing technologies together with our 3D printing experts and thus open up new potential regarding speed and flexibility with consistent quality.

Holistic C-Parts partner for the automotive suppliers and manufacturer

Standardisation of C-Parts
Reduce variety
Product standardisation

Reducing diversity of parts leads to cost reduction and transparency. We will show you how to bundle product groups and standardise surfaces, drive mechanism, head shapes, property classes and securing elements.

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Value engineering C-Parts
Cost reduction
Value engineering

We will advise you on alternative connection technologies and production methods as well as savings potential in the logistics chain with the aim to reduce costs and complexity.

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CAD library Würth Industrie Service
CAD database

In collaboration with KIM CADClick®, we provide electronic product catalogues with high-quality CAD data. CAD data can be imported into any CAD system using neutral formats.

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New manufacturing technology
3D printing

3D printing represents flexibility, speed and efficiency. It is a good alternative to conventional manufacturing methods particularly for the manufacturing of initial samples, prototypes, spare parts as well as tools and small series.

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C-Parts. With Certainty. Commitment to quality.

We, at Würth Industrie Service, give highest priority to quality and certainty. The basis for this is a comprehensive and consistent process and quality management. We fulfil highest quality standards by using latest technologies, constantly developing expertise, active supplier management and state-of-the-art logistics with gap-free batch tracking.

IATF certification
IATF 16949

The IATF 16949 certification attests that Würth Industrie Service meets the quality management requirements in the automotive industry, consistently implements improvement processes and fulfils customer-specific requirements.

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Accredited test laboratory of Würth Industrie Service
Official test centre
Accredited test laboratory

The test laboratory of Würth Industrie Service specialised in connection technology is accredited for more than 50 standard test methods and serves as an official and independent test centre.

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Technical cleanliness: from assembly to packaging
Technical cleanliness
Technical cleanliness

We comply with your individual cleanliness requirements and advise you on the optimum conditions for technical cleanliness right from the product design stage.

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Supplier management for quality assurance
Supplier management

For maintaining a high level of quality, Würth Industrie Service has a central supplier management in Bad Mergentheim that is supported by auditors around the world.

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Connection experts for automotive parts
Thousand parts. Connected by us.

With optimal product for your specific application.

Thousand parts. Connected by us.

With optimal product for your specific application.

Discover our diverse range of fasteners for a wide variety of applications in automotive components:

Turned parts for the automotive industry
Turned parts
Cold forged pressed parts
Cold forged pressed parts
Securing elements
Punched and bent parts for the automotive industry
Punched and bent parts
Screw plugs


C-Parts with a new approach. Application-specific products specially for the specific requirements of industrial manufacturing.

Direct screw fastening of sheet metal SHEETITE®

Direct screw fastening of sheet metals

Spring band clamps W.TEC®FBS

Spring band clamps

Thread inserts for repairing the threads

Thread inserts

Thread-forming screws
Safe direct screw connection
Thread-forming screws
Protective caps
Perfectly protected!
Protective caps
Technical information
Technical information
Technology portal
Screws for thermoplastics

Screws for thermoplastics

Thread-rolling nut TRIMNUT®

Thread-rolling nut

Securing elements W.TEC® SECURING

Securing elements

Modern logistics center for maximum supply security

European logistics center. Maximum supply security.

We strive to provide the right product, at the right time, in the right quantity, at the right price, with the right quality, to the right place. For maximum supply security, we work with EDI- delivery schedule processing and continuously invest in our logistics – one of the most modern logistics centres for industrial supply in Europe.

Global C-Parts supply with Würth Industrial Network

Global C-Parts supply. Globally linked for you.

As a holistic C-Parts partner, it is a matter of course for us to reliably supply C-Parts to you not only at individual locations but also all over the world. With WINWORK® – Würth Industrial Network – a global network of Würth Industrie companies in more than 40 countries, we guarantee a global information flow and a consistent high quality standard. This enables us to personally support our customers at all of their global production locations while bearing in mind the local conditions and cultural requirements.

Fasteners for cars with alternative drive technologies

Head together into the future of automobility. Connection technology experts who think ahead.

Owing to the technology trends that have emerged in the recent years such as lightweight design, electric mobility, fuel cells or autonomous driving, the automotive industry is facing new challenges. New solutions are developed on a daily basis to create a secure, comfortable and environmental-friendly driving experience. With the CPS®AUTOMOTIVE division, Würth Industrie Service will support you as an innovative C-Parts partner. We are co-thinkers and will develop new connection technologies for the cars of tomorrow together with you. One example is our WÜPLAST® screws and the thread-forming screws Taptite 2000®, which are used in electric cars for screwing battery housings.

Supply of operating and auxiliary material with ORSY vending machines

ORSY®mat vending machines

With our ORSY®mat vending machines, we offer maximum supply reliability also for occupational safety items, tools, cleaning products and other auxiliary and operating materials. The vending machines are used for easy stocking, dispensing as well as automated reordering and give you more time for you core processes.

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