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At the many events and seminars organised by Würth Industrie Service, external and internal speakers provide information on current topics and innovations in the fields of connection technology and C-Parts management. These events provide a platform for mutually exchanging the know-how, recognising new perspectives and discovering valuable ideas.

Events calendar

Event calendar

Here you will find all the details of the events and seminars of Würth Industrie Service. From customer days to trade fairs, technical forums, conferences, specialist seminars, cooperation events or permanent exhibitions on the topic of art & culture.

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Customer day
Customer days
Emotion. Interaction. Innovation.

With more than 20,000 industrial customers for whom we focus on all aspects of C-Parts management, You may ask yourself, how do we manage it? Find out the answer at our customer day. At this event, you have the opportunity to get to know Würth Industrie Service, the employees who shape the company, and the company's service and logistics departments. Find out everything there is to know about C-Parts. With Certainty.

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Trade fairs
Trade fairs
Trade fairs. Forums. Conferences.

Würth Industrie Service is an exhibitor at various specialist trade fairs and industry platforms. Visit us to gain a new perspective and take the opportunity to see our supply solutions and products for efficient C-Parts management in a live setting. Talk to our experts at the event and discuss our innovations from the fields of RFID Kanban and workplace solutions, electronic procurement solutions, CPS®miLOGISTICS and ORSY®mat solutions.

Next date: 03/21/2023 - 03/23/2023
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Technical forum
Expert Forum C-Parts Management
Innovation and tradition

At the Expert Forum C-Parts Management, renowned guest speakers from the worlds of industry, logistics, consulting and science will give an insight into their company strategy, development status, innovations and implementation and offer you a platform to exchange information about market trends, solutions, experiences and ideas relating to Industry 4.0 in the industrial sector and logistics environment.

Next date: 06/13/2023 - 06/14/2023
Type of event: information will follow

Innovation meets Industry
Innovation meets Industry
Innovation dinner

This event format gives medium-sized companies from the region a platform to exchange information about significant market trends and innovations in the field of digitalization, automation and Industry 4.0. Spend innovative hours with us full of ideas, impulses, inspirations, but also visions and future trends.

Specialist seminars
Specialist seminars
Occupational safety & chemicals

This technical seminar focuses on the topics of occupational safety and hazardous materials management. Internal and external speakers will report on a wide range of aspects of operational safety from both a practical and theoretical perspective, and will explain the latest technical innovations and changes in legislation.

Reference customers
Seminars at reference customers
C-Parts management on-site

Are you a customer of Würth Industrie Service? Do you use our Kanban solutions and do you want to present yourself as an example of best practice? You will benefit from the opportunity to exchange expert opinions, engage in benchmarking, expand your network and get to know companies in similar industries.

Co-operation event
Co-operation events
Strong partnerships

As part of the ongoing collaboration with the innovation platform TOP („Technology-Oriented Visit and Innovation Programme"), the M&V-Unternehmerkreis („Entrepreneur's Group for Marketing and Sales") and the ZfU Business School („Centre for General Management"), events are held annually that focus on cross-company and cross-industry exchange.

Logistics day
Logistics day
Logistics make it possible.

Take a look behind the scenes at a state-of-the-art logistics centre for industrial supply in Europe! Would you like to know more about Würth Industrie Service and its logistics, people, emotions and opportunities? Find out more about the many possibilities we offer for training, internships or opportunites for direct hire on-site
in Bad Mergentheim.

COLDMELT® technology
Lightweight construction day
COLDMELT® technology

Take the opportunity to learn more about COLDMELT® technology as an innovative system solution for connection technology in lightweight wooden materials. The first rule of lightweight material construction is to reduce weight and use material as efficiently as possible. Our goal is to make work easier for our customers through our services, system solutions and product range.

Art and culture
Art & culture
Far from procurement solutions

Learn about the art of Würth in all its forms and enjoy the wide range of exhibitions that are included as part of a varied framework programme. The "Culture at Würth" seasonal programme offers a wide range of events. The Würth Group has four museums in the Hohenlohe region. They serve as the premises of the Würth art collection, which was created by Prof. Dr. h. c. mult. Reinhold Würth.

Permanent exhibition
Permanent exhibition
Experience leadership culture

This journey through 800 years of political, military and economic leadership aims to highlight the complexity of responsible leadership behaviour from different eras. It will cover the Teutonic Order, the Weimar Republic, the national socialist rule of terror and the Federal Republic of Germany, as well as the Bundeswehr and one of the most successful German business enterprises of the post-war period: the Würth Group.

Careers events
Careers events
The perfect job. With certainty.

Are you a school pupil or student, or a young or experienced professional, and want to get to know Würth Industrie Service as an employer? Come to one of our university, personnel or training fairs or one of our campaign days and find out more about careers at our company. Whether you are seeking an internship, training or an immediate job: Take the opportunity to meet your local contacts at the event.



Get expert know-how digitally

Learn everything about efficient C-Parts management for the industry in our webinars - interactively!


Interactive visitor platform

Dive into the world of Würth Industrie Service regardless of time and discover our solutions on efficient C-Parts management.



Venues – Take a look behind the scenes

Industriepark Würth

Industriepark Würth over 143 hectares.

Würth Industrie Service is responsible for supplying the manufacturing industry with C-Parts management solutions within the Würth Group. Originally located in Künzelsau as the Industry Division within Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG, the company has been an independent subsidiary at the Bad Mergentheim site since 1999. The Industriepark Würth business park, the headquarters of Würth Industrie Service, is home to one of the most innovative logistics centres for industrial supply in Europe. A third of the total area of 143 hectares has been built up, and the site includes more than 40 hectares of woodland. The former "Deutschordenskaserne" barracks complex offers ample room for expansion.

Reinhold Würth Haus − event centre

Würth Industrie Service reached another milestone in the company's history when the Reinhold Würth Haus in Bad Mergentheim was opened on 30 January 2007. Known in the region as the "Balcony of Bad Mergentheim", the conference and event centre offers a breathtaking view of the Taubertal valley, as well as four fully equipped conference rooms and a large ballroom with a fireplace room. This venue has primarily been used to host customer events in an exclusive setting and to offer further training seminars for employees. A change of scenery for you, your team or your customers. Leave everyday office life behind for a few hours and create a space for new ideas, approaches and perspectives.

Reinhold Würth Haus

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