Cost-benefit analysis of C-parts management - Efficiency calculator

Efficiency calculator

Thanks to automated processes, adapted to the actual requirements, our system solutions ensure leaner processes in C-Parts procurement. This increases productivity and finally leads to cost savings.

The Efficiency Calculator analyses how the usage of systems can affect your ordering process.

As a result we will calculate the total savings for your business based on your input data and our gained experience from more than 300.000 customer contacts per day.

The calculated savings in € may be used as an approximation, since our systems initially safe time and design processes with greater efficiency, whereby the productivity in your business increases. Naturally, we do not have an impact on how to make use of the saved time.

The Efficiency Calculator has three sections:

General data

Information about the general conditions in your company. Furthermore, the system is selected on which the savings are to be calculated.

Efficiency Calculation

Calculation of potential time savings in purchasing, production and logistics and the resulting savings in Euro. Overall, this results in a total of possible savings per year.

The more accurate the information, the more accurate the result!

Savings report

In addition to the total result the system contrasts the cost savings in purchasing with the cost savings in production. Furthermore, you will get suggestions about suitable systems. They are not part of the calculation, but they may contribute to an extra increasing efficiency.

Just enter your contact data in the given field to get in contact with us and to receive a PDF file of your calculations. We are glad to help you!