Skin protection. With Certainty.

Cleanliness and hygiene are very important and play a major role in companies. In order to be able to guarantee a good skin protection, you must take the right measures to protect your employees. Before skin protection products are used, check whether the ingredients are compatible with the substances with which the skin regularly comes into contact. Always adapt the products to the degree of contamination. We recommend the following skin care products from the SKIN LINE:

Skin protection
Skin protection

The products of SKIN LINE PROTECT prevent the soiling of hands, e.g. by water-insoluble substances, sealants or other dirt deposits. It also prevents impressions on tools or on workpieces and allows for a solid tool handling. The protective products facilitate skin cleansing after work and leave a pleasant feeling on the skin.

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Skin cleansing
Skin cleansing

SKIN LINE CLEAN products are used after work to remove soiling and to wash hands thoroughly but gently. Our SKIN LINE CLEAN products are very skin-friendly and have been dermatologically tested. In addition, the cleaning products are biodegradable and alkali-free, silicone-free and soap-free.

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Skin care
Skin care

Skin care products are applied to the cleansed and dried hand. This care mainly supports the regeneration of the skin and accelerates the healing process of wounds and tears. In addition, the products avoid drying out, absorb quickly into the skin and leave no greasy film. You will keep your hands healthy with the SKIN LINE CARE products.

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Manual dispenser system

This dispenser system is very easy to install, you can even mount it directly to the wall. The donor proves to be efficient and cost effective due to its fine dosing.

Electric dispenser system

The non-contact dispensing of products prevents contamination of the dispenser and the transmission of germs. The electric dispenser can be used for skin protection, skin cleansing and skin care products.

Supply concepts for occupational safety products

Just as important as the selection of suitable protective equipment is the availability of the items. Together with you, we develop the best possible logistics solution for the supply of occupational safety products according to your individual needs

  • centrally in the material warehouse
  • centrally at a defined location in production
  • decentralised in every area of production with the required articles (e.g. directly in the welding shop or in pre-assembly, etc.)
Occupational safety machine

Retrieval of health and safety articles made easy!

Vending machines are particularly suitable for the individual removal of safety items, which your employees can easily withdraw, when required, by pincode or similar.

Shelf system Orsy

Demand-oriented storage of health and safety articles

We offer different shelving components that can be combined individually to create a shelf that suits your needs.