Thread-forming nut: the TRIMNUT®

A metric nut and a tool in one! With the innovative thread-forming nut, damaged threads can be repaired easily and professionally. The simple screwing on of the TRIMNUT® leads to thread repair and removes rust and dirt. The application of TRIMNUT® is diverse, as they find their use in a wide variety of industries. In any case, this innovative technology saves you time and money during assembly and disassembly!

The thread-forming nut can be used in particular in the following industries:

  • fastening of metal sheets
  • alloy systems
  • automotive industry
  • occupational safety equipment
  • environmental protection technology
  • air conditioning
  • aerospace

Repair solutions for damaged threads

With the TRIMNUT® nut, you can make threads reusable despite rust, heavy soiling and impact marks. The thread-forming nut removes rust and strong dirt from unusable threads. There is no rubbing of the nut during the assembly of damaged threads. Its functional principle works during screwing and unscrewing and thus ensures safe installation without destroying the connection.

Repair solution for damaged threads
Removal of impact points

Joining without post-machining

There is no need for a machining finishing when joining the thread-forming nut. By applying a metric standard thread to a matching bolt geometry, a direct screw connection is made possible. This can save a complete step in your working routine! The screw connection is secured by a controlled self-locking and offers a higher strength than machined threads, leading to unrestricted power transmission and torque transmission. Damages during the creation of the thread are also avoided since it is comes only into effect during the assembly of the component.

Joining without post-machining
Application of bolt thread

Safe screwing process

As it is a reliable screw connection, there are no following, additional work steps necessary. Even process-related residues in the thread are removed, such as welding spatter or coating residues. The modules no longer have to be extracted from the production line and can be used without restriction. In addition, the coating remains in the range of the nominal layer thickness.

Screwing problems in series assembly
Trimnut screwed on

Properties of the "low-process" nut

Thanks to a high self-locking there is no need for an additional clamping part in the assembly. When the nut is screwed, the thread is repaired. The nut can be used multiple times and it can also be replaced by a standard nut.

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