Self-locking nuts

The Self Lock Nuts

A security principle made of 100% stainless steel, without any use of nylon or plastic.

Nuts with their internal thread form the counterpart of a screw and ensure that the attached screw does not come loose. Under heavy loads of the screw connections, it may sometimes loosen on its own which ultimately leads to a failure of the connection. This is easily caused by external influences such as weather or corrosion. However, proper bolt locking should hold a bolted connection even under dynamic loading and heavy vibration or impact.

The special shape of the thread of the Self Lock Nuts effectively prevents failure and at the same time reuses the nut. The number of components is also reduced by the self-locking feature of the nut, since no further securing elements are needed. The screw lock counteracts the unintentional release, without the need to process the screw itself.

Self Lock Nut

Function of the thread lock

The Self Lock Nuts are made with a specific tap that cuts a self-locking thread on the nut. Thus, the thread lock is already "installed" in the internal thread. This modified thread profile consists of wedge surfaces which point in the loading direction. These wedge surfaces have a pitch angle of 30 ° and thus lead to a self-locking.

Self Lock Nut



The pictures show the thread geometry. Here, the wedge surfaces are clearly visible on the right side of the thread. This angle, which acts selectively on the thread of the screw, creates the inhibiting effect and thus the securing of the Self Lock Nut.

What are the applications of self-locking nuts?

The self-locking hexagon nuts with clamping part can be used in particular in the following industries:

  • rail and traffic
  • energy
  • construction and forestry machines
  • shipbuilding industry
What are the advantages and characteristics of self-locking nuts?
Your advantages
  • error-free and easy installation
  • possible use of standard external threads (screws) with "medium" tolerance class
  • uniform distribution of tension forces on all threads
  • No tearing of the threads
  • affordable, as no additional parts are needed
  • reuse without degradation


Further advantages without undercutting:

  • no damage to the surface on the workpiece/counter material
  • corrosion resistance is thus not affected

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