Thread inserts reinforce each thread!


High-strength, vibration-proof screw connections can only be achieved by high-performance, high-load nut threads. Our W.TEC®INSERT COIL thread inserts repair ripped, worn, seized or damaged threads reliably and strengthen the nut thread drastically. By using threaded inserts for thread repair, you can create robust and resistant internal threads in low-shear materials (light metal alloys, aluminium, brass, plastic, etc.)

After mounting the threaded inserts, which lay like a spiral coil in the existing thread, the components have better properties than the original thread. Ideal for thread reinforcement in light metal or mechanical engineering, in the offshore sector or in agricultural technology!

How the wire insert for thread improvement works

Threaded inserts made of stainless chromium-nickel steel are embedded mechanically without additional locking pins, sealants or adhesives: they can be applied to the previously prepared special thread like a commercially available screw and screwed in. The thread insert consists of a rhombically profiled wire formed into a helix in combination with a driving pin, which is removed at the predetermined breaking point after installation.

The diamond-shaped cross-section, the perfect material selection, combined with the high care in the production processes guarantee you further advantages in terms of surface quality, wear resistance, thread friction, corrosion and heat resistance.

W.TEC®INSERT COIL – Free running

These thread inserts according to DIN 8140 have a free running, true-to-gauge thread on the entire length. The tolerance position of the ISO thread corresponds to 6H after installation. The inserts are not coloured.

W.TEC®INSERT COIL – Screw grip

This thread insert according to DIN 8140 has not only the threading advantages of the "free running" variant, but also a screw-clamping part. One or more polygonal windings act in a clamping manner on the flanks of the screwed-in screw, so that an elastically resilient frictional connection is created.

Install threaded inserts

The W.TEC®INSERT COIL thread inserts can be easily installed in existing workpieces:

Core hole drilling

First, drill the damaged thread or re-drill the core hole.

Thread cutting or thread forming

Cut or for even more resilience form the thread with the special W.TEC®Screw tap.

Set thread insert by hand or by machine

Screw it into the core hole, in the direction of rotation, with or without insertion tool.

Break locking pins (if available)

Use a tang break-off tool to break off the pin with a slight blow at the predetermined breaking point and remove it.

The advantages of W.TEC®INSERT COIL thread inserts

The advantages at a glance:

  • economic repair of torn out threads
  • high load capacity
  • durable connection, even with small diameters
  • improved reject recovery
  • create a heavy-duty threaded armour
  • firm fit
  • no wear and reduced thread wear
  • disassembly possible for reuse
  • corrosion protection and heat resistance
Thread repair

Being one with the workpiece: Threaded socket TIME-SERT®

Mastering challenges beyond series production

For maintenance, torn-out threads due to overload are common problems. Quick solutions are needed to repair the thread and to avoid long downtimes.

Wherever threads are subject to the toughest conditions and short maintenance intervals, for the repair of particularly thin-walled materials or when only a few threads are available, the TIME-SERT® thread repair system is the ideal solution. A massive socket made of solid material is inserted into the damaged thread and pressed together with the workpiece. This creates a gas-tight connection between the socket and the workpiece. Ideal for use in mechanical engineering or in vehicle construction!

Product innovations and C-Parts highlights: our W.TEC® products

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This resulted in our W.TEC® product series with products for requirements-based solutions and industry-specific innovations. We guarantee optimal and consistent quality and first-class technical service. We can give you expert advice and best practices so that you will always find the right product, be it plastic cabs, slings, screws for thermoplastic materials or many more.



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